Look for your skills while you are in school

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

One of the most important things you can do while you are in school is to find and develop your skills. Skills are very important because they help you find your career path while you are in high school. This is when most students find their skills even though they emerge earlier in childhood. Finding your skills helps you find direction with respect to your career while you are in high school at a time when young people are trying to figure out what they should be doing for a career.

So how do you find your skills while in school? Look at what classes you naturally excel in. Are you a natural when it comes to writing and always write great essays that you get high grades in? Do you excel in Math or Science classes and find yourself wanting to know more about Calculus or Chemistry than what is taught in your class? Some of our skills emerge outside of class. For example, do you have a gift for speaking and persuading people wherever you go? Are you really good with healing your neighbors' dogs or fixing your friend's computers? These are things you should be on the lookout for while you are in high school. Having a good GPA(grade point average) is important but finding and developing your skills is more important because it guarantees success in your field and helps you to find your career path.

Once you find your skills, you need to develop them. If writing is something you love doing in school, write outside of class at home every day for half an hour or more. Write in an area that interests you. If you love playing tennis, write about how to develop your own playing style, or developing the right strategy against different opponents to help you win more often.

Start a blog related to one of your long standing hobbies or interests that you love doing. It could be personal training or growing vegetables in your garden. Write one or two great posts each week

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